Does Blackjack Card Counting Works in Online Casinos

Does Blackjack Card Counting Works in Online Casinos

Blackjack can be defined as the life-time game in the casino. It exists time to time and is still one of the most popular games. The game is easy. The player only needs to collect two cards which value maximum 21 (Blackjack.) The player can use counting strategy in real casino, but does blackjack card counting works in online casinos?

Does Blackjack Card Counting Works in Online Casinos?

  • How to Play Blackjack

The player just need to compile two cards that value 21. The two until ten numbers cards will stand for its own number. Jack, Queen, and King will stand for ten for each card. The Aces will count one or eleven, prior to the agreement. So if you have a Jack and an Ace, you get the Blackjack. If there is no player who get the Blackjack, the one who get the bigger numbers will win.

  • How to Use Count Cards Strategy in Real-Casinos

There are four stages in the using cards counting strategy:

  1. Give each cards a value

Before starting counting, there is a value for each card. Cards with number two until six will be valued +1, seven until nine will be zero, and 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace will be -1.

  1. Start the running count.

Remember that every online casinos like Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia nowadays use several decks of card in one table. They are regularly change the decks of card, so it will be difficult to follow or to count them. But, as long as they do not change the decks or cards, player can count them.

Just add the value of the cards in the table. If the result is positive, the benefit will be the player’s, but if it’s negative, the benefit will be the casinos.

  1. Use True Count for multiple decks

The player needs to the running count and see how many decks are left. The formula will be the running count result divided by the amount of the decks left.

  1. Change the Bet, Following the True Count Up or Down

If the result of the true count is positive, the player should rise the bet. But if it is negative, it’s better to not place any bet.

  • Can the Counting Cards Strategy Used in Online Games?

Some argues that counting cards strategy can be used in Blackjack Online Games. It is because, in online game, the casinos use ‘infinite shoe’ that will give the players random cards effectively. It means that counting strategy cannot be used here, because of the random cards.

The others have a good idea in using card counters software. Just, install and run the software and the player can get exact counting of the cards played. But, sometimes the online casino have strict rules about this kind of software.

The answer will depend of the online casinos themselves. If they encourage the players to count the card, so yes, you can use the counting cards strategy. For common online casinos, does blackjack card counting works in online casinos? The answer is no. Just hope that the goddess of luck is in your side.

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