Blackjack switch table casino game

Blackjack switch table casino game

Blackjack switch table casino game

This game is a casino gambling game which was developed by Geolf. The basic principles of the game are similar to those of the traditional blackjack. The only differences between the two is that in this game two hands are dealt to each playing position rather than one hand which is deployed in the normal black jack and the players are permitted to exchange two cards which are top between their hands. The normal blackjack payment is done at the ratio 1:1 as opposed to the standard blackjack where payment is normally paid at the ratio of 3:2.

Blackjack switch table casino game

History of the game

Blackjack was a game that was released after Hall. Hall was at that time a card counter. He usually became annoyed the moment he was issued with weak hands when he was playing blackjack game. The weak hands dealt to players can only be improved the two top cards are allowed to be switched. After realizing that, Hall came up with the idea. Blackjack switch was first introduced in Harvey’s Casino in lowa that was in February 2001.

Blackjack switch table casino game
Blackjack switch table casino game

Afterwards in 2003, the game again was modified by the same person and ‘’push on 22’’rule was included in the game play. As a result of the modification, the game was introduced into Four Queens in December 2003. Since then the game have become popular and is being widely played in offline casinos in Las Vegas and also around the world. The game is also offered online only by casino called Playtech.

Game play

The game is played with four, six or eight 52-card decks which are always shuffled all together. The shuffled cards are then issued to players either from a dealing shoe or a shuffling machine.

The game also use a semicircular card table which has the similar layout to the one used by the natural blackjack. The game has several playing station with each station having two gambling boxes and the initial money to be gambled must be identical in the two gambling boxes. The gambling boxes however, will have corresponds to a separate hand. In playing the game, the two boxes can be doubled and independently split and also resolved separately.

At the initial stage of the game, the dealer has to place cards to face up on each box of each of playing position starting from the left hand side, after that he also has to deal himself with a card facing up and then a further card to each box starting from left to right. After this, the players are asked by the dealer whether they would wish to switch their top two cards. For example if a player is issued with cards 5-2 and 3-5 he switch them to transform them to 5-5 and 3-2. After this, the players are allowed to hit, stand or double for the hand that is on right-hand box of the player, after which the one on the left is also acted in the same manner.

Strategy of the game

The two categories of the strategies used to play this game. These include; switch decision and the subsequent decisions which are either stand, double or draw.

The switch decision

The decision of whether to switch or not is based on the difference in the values of the cards issued. When the difference is largest the advantage of switching is high.

Basic strategy after switch decision

After the switch decisions have been made the game dealer hits soft 17 and peeks for blackjack. When you compare this game with the traditional black, this game has few occasions in which there are rewarding on doubling and more occasions where hitting is correct.

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