FIFA 16 is better than its previous versions

Some gaming titles are able to inspire the sort of fandom that EA Sport’s FIFA series does. Over the years, the franchise has become an inseparable part of any gamer’s collection, even pushing some to buy gaming consoles for the sole purpose of taking the pleasure of controlling Ibrahimovic and Messi using their gaming pads. The drive to create a better title each year does put tons of pressure at the folks working day and night at Electronic Arts and it remains to be seen if their latest title, ‘FIFA 16’ has lived up to the perpetual hype around the franchise and not lost its sheen.

FIFA 16 is better than its previous versions

FIFA 16 brings along with it some subtle enhancements and inclusions. The biggest addition is that of women’s football teams being included in the mix for the first time, received highly positively by fans all over. It is a sad fact that it took EA this long to implement this feature and perhaps even sadder that a lot of other gaming franchises choose to put on hold the addition of female characters/players. As progressive as this inclusion is however, one can’t help but notice the glitches encountered while playing with the female teams. Nevertheless included in the installment are some nifty training enhancements and changes to AI’s way of handling defense.

FIFA 16 is better than its previous versions
FIFA 16 is better than its previous versions

When questioned at the E3 conference, EA producers admitted that the game showed a lack of balance in FIFA 15, the previous installment. To even things out, EA claims to have looked into the overall experience of gameplay involving shooting, passing and everything in between. Everything said and done, the gameplay in FIFA 16 takes major steps towards making the entire experience more realistic. Features like no-touch dribbling and escapable slide tackles have worked towards making the players seem a little less like bots and more like the legendary athletes that they are.

That is not to say however that this installment is without its ailments. The nuances begin with the animations that have never been a strong suit of the franchise. They are long and tedious and ultimately make one wonder the amount of time they’d have saved had they not been so cumbersome. The game play is highly unpredictable with female players, mainly stemming from the fact that they have stats that are barely comparable to their male counterparts. The lack of AI involvement on a major scale also tends to make the game a touch more difficult to play.

FIFA 16 better than the last installment

When compared to FIFA 15 however, the new installment holds its ground pretty well. The graphics seem more enhanced and realistic, the game play takes a far more deeper approach to equality than ever (looking at you, midfield) and the defence AI finally inspires some confidence to stop top players like Ronaldo in their tracks. It can easily be said that FIFA 16, while being no game changer, does provide the gamer with tons of improvements that will be long appreciated. The FIFA franchise has had to deal with PES 16 which according to many is the best that Konami has ever produced and FIFA 16 has done more than enough to counter the threat posed by the other football titles.

The issues plaguing FIFA 16 are far more miniscule and first world-ly to be of much concern to the majority of gamers out there and while the increased difficult level may turn off some casual gamers, most die-hard fans will be floored by the enhancements to the franchise. In closing, FIFA 16 fixes a selection of gaping holes in an otherwise flawless franchise. Just don’t expect to enjoy the same level of domination you would if you picked Real Madrid.

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