How to Use Over/Under Betting System in Soccer Game

How to Use Over/Under Betting System in Soccer Game

Over/under (over-under) bet, or ‘totals’ betting, is one of betting system in soccer that gains its popularity among the soccer gamblers and is often the best wager you can make on a game. It involves the bettors to place bet on a number of yellow cards, corners, goals, or other events in a match. Winning on a soccer betting game is a very simple and easy thing if you know How to Use Over/Under Betting System in Soccer Game.

This Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker system will offer you another option to play in soccer betting. Actually, this system is used in many sports, but now, the users has been growing rapidly in soccer.

How to Use Over/Under Betting System in Soccer Game

As we mentioned above, this system is based on other event or things in soccer game. Mostly, placing bet on how many goals scored in a game is popular in soccer betting.

In order to use this method, there is a fundamental idea. Bettors do not need to speculate or guess the exact number of the goals. They only place bet on whether the final number is over or below the number that is determined by the bookmaker.

Commonly, the bookmaker select over/under 2.5 goals as the line, then the gambler should choose whether it is under 2.5 goals (no score, 1 goals, 2 goals) or over ( 3 goals. 4 goals or more).

If you are expecting to place bet on the draw possibility for this bet, you are in the wrong place. This system do not offer possibility to place bet on the draw result. It means that you should place bet on over or under the bookmaker bet. In other words, you can win or lose the bet after 90 minutes. For your information, extra tie or penalty shootout is not used in this system.

The Examples

We will provide brief examples to give you understand about the system. A gambler place a 100 US Dolar bet on over 10.5 corner to be taken in this match. If the game yields 11 corners taken or more, you win the bet. If the corner is 10 or below, you lose the bet.

Take another example on how many goals are in one match. A gambler place bet a 50 US Dollar bet on over 2.5 goals. If the goal is 0, 1 or 2, you get your stakes. If the result is over 3 you lose your bet.

The pros and cons

Of course, there is a negative and positive side on something. This system only offers two possibilities. It means that this system is simple and easy. Bettors only have option to place bet over o under the bookmakers bet.

However, if you have intention to use this system in long term, we suggest you to choose other option. This system is rarely applied in long term. Bettors cannot rely on it.

Even though this system seems quite simple, we suggest you to get many information about this system. We hope you get many advantages after you read the information about How to Use Over/Under Betting System in Soccer Game.

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