Online Sic Bo Winning Techniques for Beginners

Online Sic Bo Winning Techniques for Beginners

Sic Bo is one of the classic games of casino. However, beginners tend to neglect it. Are you a green horn, getting bored of poker and roulette? Sic Bo can be a good alternative. Here’s online Sic Bo winning techniques for beginners.

Online Sic Bo Winning Techniques for Beginners

  • Start with Small or Big

This option had the smallest edge, and therefore much less risky than other options. Basically, all you had to do is to bet whether the total dice value would be big (11 to 17) or small (4 to 10). It’s that simple. For true beginners, this is a way to go. Even though the odds are only 1:1, this way you could learn the cycle of the dealer’s output. If you like to play slow and built up your money slowly, playing small or big would be a big help.

  • Single Bet Can Be an Option

Are you already bored with small or big? Try single bet. Here, bettors bet the output of one dice. Seems varied and less reassuring, but the odds and house edge are actually just the same with small and big. If you’re lucky, the odd would multiple if the other dice also had the same number as your bet. For example, if two dice appeared four, your odds would be multiplied to 2:1. If all of the dice had the same number, the value would be tripled to 3:1.

  • Play Defensive

Since it’s easy to play, players tend to be intoxicated and addicted. This resulted never ending play hours until their fatigue and emotions ruin the player’s judgment. Usually, this kind of player ended up with bankruptcy. Don’t be one. Limit the money you’re going to use to play and stick to it. If you’re on a winning strike, keep the money to use on constant limit. For example, a bettor started with 100 dollars and profited 60 dollars. If you want to be wise, just use the winning money (60 dollars) and keep the 100. The option is to only use the profit of a game to another game, or only taking the same amount from the profit each time playing.

  • Try Combination Bets

In each round, you can do multiple bets at once. The general idea is to create even bigger victory rate. For example, you can bet for big or small and single bet at once. Like this, the end sum of money would be bigger each win. Not only that, this will shake your opponents if you suddenly do it in the middle of the game. A change of pace would trick other player to think that you had more money than them, and then draw from the game. This means fewer opponents, less risk, and more income.

See? It’s not as menacing as the table gives off. These online Sic Bo winning techniques for beginners by The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia will surely bring you victory even on the first try. If you’re getting comfortable with the game, try more challenging bet. Sic Bo had low house edge and therefore had less risk when playing risky unlike Baccarat or Poker. Happy betting!

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