Secrets About Casinos That They Don’t Want You To Know

Secrets About Casinos That They Don’t Want You To Know

For those who never heard about secrets about casinos that they don’t want you to know, it is probably the sole reason why you never or rarely win on any gambling. Don’t go around the casino naively and straightly think that the dealers will put straight rules on the line. Using this blind spot, casinos could take your money more than they should.

Secrets About Casinos That They Don’t Want You To Know

  1. The Cash Back

Are you a fan of black jack game? To play this game, you need to take two cards from the deck, and make sure the total result of them is 21 or closer to it. The common rule is to use 3:2 pay out, which makes $15 for a $10 bet. Nowadays, the dealer often goes with 6:5, make it harder for the player to claim their money in the end. Why? Because you will only get $12 for $10 bet.

It is suggested that you find a placard in the table that indicates clearly which pay out system is being used. If you see 6:5 number, then drop the chance. Find the other tables or even better, get into another casino. Similar rules also apply to the video poker games. Don’t skip the paytable shown in the beginning of the game. This way, you could set the strategy and aim to get the best pay. You could try playing at online casinos like Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia to get better cash back rewards.

  1. The Far End Paradise

Have you ever wondered why the casino entrance design is far from open area? It is because wide air space would give you distraction. First, you will be able to monitor your day and night, or notice similar faces passing on the street, reminding you of the important business call. Casino closes all these access by designing a labyrinth like building. You and the fellow ventures have to get inside the casino.

While playing inside, you might not notice, but the service area like food court and toilets are often placed in the very back, far away from gambling area. Do you want to know why? The logic is to allow you seeing a lot of gambling machines you haven’t tried. Usually bookies would be tempted to try the unfamiliar machine once before they end their round.

  1. Planned Bait

No matter how smart you are, dealers will surpass your intelligence. When you win once or twice on the table, you are happy with the small payout. Do you think casino has no reason behind it? The feeling of winning usually push you to stay longer. This is what the dealers are waiting for. The longer you stay on the table, the more money you will spend ad the less cash back you will get.

Another way to keep luring you back is by giving out coupons. It is common for bettors to get several coupons after the game ends. The casino will invite you to get discount for new menu, watch special performance, etc. The point is for you to come again and spend another dollar from your wallet.

The idea of fair play stays within the pikers’ head. However, many of them dig their own grave by ignoring the basic rules in gambling: learning the system in the present game. For example, confirming whether the black jack game is using 6:5 or 3:2 payment system. Actually, there are more than the secrets about casinos that they don’t want you to know, but these three are quite helpful, too.

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