Sports betting

A sport gambling is action taking by individuals in predicting the results on sports in which the winner will be awarded a prize at the end of it.

Money line bets

This kind of bets is the ones that do not handicap. The team which has chances of winning the game will always have lower bet compared with that given to the opponents.

Spread betting; these are bets in which the gambling money is placed against the spread.

Proposition bets; these are bets in which the gamblers are supposed to match a specified outcome in the game. These bets include making an exact prediction on the number of goals a team will score against the opponent team.

Sports betting

Parlays; this one involves a number of bets and the payment of this kind of bet will always be higher. An example of this bet is betting four different wagers in a four-team parlay in which the prediction is that all the four teams must win. If any of the team fails, the gambler loses the bet.

Sports betting
Sports betting

Progressive parlays

Also this kind involves a number of bets and the bettors who predict correctly will have to pocket a large amount of money.

Teasers; this is a bet in which gamblers are permitted to combine the bets on two or more different games.

If bets; this type of bets comprises of at least two straight bets that are joined together with an (if) clause. It (if) determines the amount of money gambled.

Run line; this is the type of bets in which wagers are offered as alternatives to straight.

Future wagers; these are bets which are meant for future events i.e. the games provided are not being played at that time.

Head to head; this kind of bets is where bettors are supposed to make prediction of competitors’ results against each other but not on the overall result.


Under this kind of bet, odds keep on changing with time which is dependent on the total exchange of each result.

Odds of betting in sports

Odds are usually presented in different format i.e. European format (decimal odds) or United Kingdom format (fractional format). The European format is usually deployed in continental Europe, Canada and Australia. The United Kingdom is usually deployed by British bookmakers.

Legality of sports betting

It is illegal to operate gambling business in United States with exceptional of Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana. Many of the countries of Europe, gambling activities are rather regulated than being taken to be criminal activities. Betting in Delaware has been threatened to be banned if at all betting is permitted to be practiced at the college.

Scandals that is associated with sports betting

The Chicago White Sox faced the Cincinnati Reds in 1919 in the World Series. This was believed to be the largest sports scandals of all time to have been experienced in the world. The series tells us a story about professional bettor Joseph Sullivan who was believed to have paid eight members of the White Sox about $10,000 each of them so as to fix the World Series. After the reveal of the scandals all the eight players were banned from participating in professional levels in baseball competition in the rest of their lives. Another scandal in baseball came in the year 1989 where Pete Rose was banned after he found guilty by placing bets on the baseball game while he was a MLB manager by the time.

Another scandal which was of the year 1906 was between Massillon tigers and Canton Bulldogs. The scandals led to the ban of several years.

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